Pre-Qualify Your Buyer

Guaranty Mortgage Service can get your buyer totally approved prior to locating the right property. Improve negotiating power for your buyers with these TBD Approvals. Knowing that the loan process is complete, the sellers have no worry that the deal will fall through.

The first step is to have your buyer complete a mortgage loan application with us, providing all information needed in a traditional loan process – minus the property address. We will process the loan as usual and once approved, are ready to close as soon as the property is chosen.

This process is available for all borrowers but can be very beneficial for those buyers who have credit challenges or high debt-to-income ratios as it gives the extra time needed to find solutions to insure a timely closing.

Minimize your stress and let’s get your buyers pre-qualified today!

Contact one of our Loan Originators to see if pre-qualification is available to you.

Both Jackie and Robin were very helpful and always available to answer questions I had. Thank you for making this process as smooth as it could be.

Nicole S.

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